Week 4 follow-up

Ideally a Week 4 appointment would have been made with the patient during their baseline appointment. If this has not happened please ensure that this appointment is made at least one week before the Week 4 follow up. Please ask patient to bring their participant booklet with them. Also remind them to bring in a sputum sample in the pot that was provided at their baseline visit.

Please firstly ask the patient if they have been called at the one and two week time points. If not please complete the week 1 and week 2 follow up questions regarding the consumption of medication. This can be completed with the aid of their participant booklet.

The first part of the 4 week follow up is to record the patient’s medication use over the previous 2 weeks, this includes antibiotic and oral corticosteroid usage. The patient should bring you their participant booklet to aid completing this.

With regards to their inhaled medication please also ask them if they have used these: a lot more than usual, a little more than usual, roughly the same or less than usual.

We would then ask you to take a throat swab and a sputum sample (if the patient hasn’t already brought one in) and as with the baseline please rate the estimated colour of the sputum according to the Bronko test chart.

Please then ask the patient to rate the adverse event symptoms listed in the CRF and any other symptoms in the past two weeks.

We then would like to know about the patients contacts with health care recourses in the past 4 weeks. This is self-reported by the patient so you do not need to check your notes for this.

We also would like to know if the patient has bought any over the counter medication in the past 4 weeks and what this was.

Please ensure that the CCQ and EQ5D has been completed and then return these to us with the week 4 CRF. We would like you to FAX back these forms to us so that we know that the appointment has taken place.

After the 4 week visit we would like you tell us if the patient dies in the following months up to 6 months after they were initially recruited into the trial.  The reason for this is that we will be contacting patients at the 6 month period to ask them to complete questionnaires.