Week 1 and Week 2

Patient telephone follow-up

The weeks 1 and 2 follow-ups will be carried out over the phone and be carried out by the study research team at Cardiff University.

Please would you, at the baseline visit, ensure that the participant has received their participant pack which should include a participant booklet, a week 1 Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ), a Week 1 EQ-5D, and a Week 2 CCQ and EQ-5D. Please would you take a few minutes to go through the booklet with the participant and explain that though they are not required to complete it, we will ask them questions based on the booklet during the phone calls so they may find it helpful to do so. Please also ask them to complete the CCQ and EQ-5D on Day 8, prior to the Week 1 phone call and on Day 15, prior to the Week 2 phone call.

The team will make every effort to adhere to contact the participant precisely on Day 8 and Day 15, but if for any reason it is not possible to phone the participant we will aim to conduct the assessments within the following thresholds:

  • 1 week phone call: -1/+2 days
  • 2 weeks phone call:-1/+7 days