Subsequent consultations within the study follow-up period

Patients that have been randomised to CRP Test should have a further CRP test at any subsequent consultations for AECOPD during the four-week follow-up period.

In order to facilitate this, we request that you add a ‘note’ or ‘warning’ that pops-up when the patient’s record is first opened, for all patients included in the study (and especially those randomised to use of the CRP). The note should indicate that they are in the PACE study, the date they were randomised, and which arm they have been randomised into.

If a patient who is in the PACE study reconsults regarding AECOPD during the four weeks following recruitment, please check which arm of the trial they have been randomised to, and if randomised to CRP, conduct a further CRP test, and use the results to guide your management, for each subsequent evaluation. Conversely, if the patient is randomised to Usual Care, please do not used the CRP test for this patient at any time (during the study).

Patients who have already participated in PACE are not eligible to participate again, so once the four-week follow-up period has elapsed please do not use the CRP test for patients that were randomised to either arm of the study.