Use of ‘Rescue Packs’

Patients that have started taking antibiotics prior to being assessed will not be eligible to participate in PACE. Therefore, in order to give as many patients the opportunity to take part as possible, while the PACE study is open to recruitment we would encourage you to suggest to your COPD patients who are not housebound that they contact the practice for an early assessment of suspected acute exacerbations rather than start using a ‘rescue pack’.

Guidance and Evidence Base For Using Rescue Packs

The most recent NICE guidance strongly recommends that patients at risk of having an exacerbation are given self-management advice that encourages them to respond promptly to symptoms of an exacerbation. This is based on the highest level of evidence.  NICE also recommend the use of rescue packs. However, there is no evidence base to support this, and this recommendation was based solely on expert opinion.

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